Tips On Buying a Used Vehicle

Used Vehicle Buying Tips From Maple Ridge Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Buying a used car can a great experience and a wonderful way to save some money on a quality vehicle.  The problem is that buying a used car can also bring with it a huge number of problems.  Here are some tips on how you can avoid the problems and drive off into the sunset with your "new" used car.

Real Life Stories

Most private sells and dealers are well intentioned but you would be surprised at some of the problems we have come across: 

·         Vehicles have been imported from flood areas of the U.S. that look normal on the outside but when the trunk carpeting is lifted water stains and mould are evident.

·         Vehicles that were actually two rebuilt cars welded together to make one.

·         Customers paying more money for used cars than they would have for equivalent new ones.

·         Trucks sold for towing that were not up to the task.

·         Undisclosed liens and accidents.   Especially through unlicensed dealers.  Thousands of sellers in BC operate without licenses and often impersonate private sellers. 

How to Avoid These Mistakes

Research before walking into a dealership.  Use the internet, friends, and family to narrow your search to a few models. 

·         Only test driving a couple of different vehicles.  If you test drive too many, you will get confused and lose focus of what you're really looking for.

·         Avoid vehicles over 100,000 kms.  We generally wholesale them.  You may get years of trouble-free driving but the risks are greater.  Often the initial savings are eaten up by repair costs.  Unless you are skilled at doing your own repairs avoid them if your budget allows.

·         Inspect any potential vehicle in the light.  Most sellers won't have a problem bringing any prospect purchase indoors when natural light is insufficient. 

·         Check for signs of accident repair over-spray, improperly fitting body panels/doors.

·         Ensure everything works as it should.  Check power equipment, tire tread and air conditioning. Ensure it accelerates smoothly, stops quickly without pulling to one side, and manual transmissions engage before the clutch is fully released.  Look for excessive play in the steering.

·         Always check the vehicle history before you buy.  We run a Car Fax independent report on every used vehicle on our lot for outstanding liens, and previous accident repairs.

·         Buy from a registered dealer licensed by the Vehicle Sales Authority.  We are governed by a stringent set of guidelines.  If you inadvertently purchase a stolen vehicle, one that has a registered lien against it, or undisclosed damage, you are protected.

·         Never buy solely based on price.  We all want the best value but shouldn't be, "Penny wise and pound foolish".  The cheapest cars on the market are priced that way for a reason.  


Why Buy From Maple Ridge Chrysler Dodge Jeep?

·         All vehicles go through a thorough inspection process.  Those that fail are not retailed here.

·         Our vehicles are priced competitively in the market.  We have a very strict inventory aging policy and price them to move quickly.

·         We are licensed with the Vehicle Sales Authority and adhere to their guidelines.

·         Maple Ridge Chrysler  Dodge Jeep has been around since 1934 & we will not risk our reputation with poor service.

·         Fully equipped service department and highly trained service technicians to help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

·         Excellent selection of roughly 100 hand selected vehicles.


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